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Downtown Sew & Vac

224 E. Hughitt Street, Iron Mountain, MI, 49801
Phone: 906-774-8931, E-mail: info@downtownsewvac.com

Downtown Sew & Vac, your easy living store, is located in downtown Iron Mountain, Michigan
in the south central Upper Pe
ninsula of Michigan.


LINDHAUS ACTIVA 30 Vacuum Cleaner
Lindhaus is one of the great European manufacturers of vacuum cleaners that I have the good fortune of being able to offer at my store. Our most popular model, the Activa, is a vacuum cleaner, a dry carpet cleaner, and an electric broom all in one.

The Lindhaus vacuum cleaner is one of the lightest and quietest machines you will find. The sleek low profile design allows the machine to lay flat to get under furniture.

The brush roll automatically shuts off if a sock or something accidentally gets sucked up so you never have to worry about breaking a belt. No tools are required to change the brush roll or clean the base housing.

This is a low maintenance durable machine that is priced right!

The Lindhaus floor washer is fantastic for commercial or residential use. It is light weight and maneuverable. It cleans ceramic, vinyl, wood, and is great on low nap carpet. The drying time for hard surfaces is about 30 seconds. This machine is best in its class.

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Sebo is the largest manufacture of commercial/industrial vacuum cleaners in the world. I call them a military grade constructed machine because they are so durable. Their upright and canister models are all excellent.
Their most popular model, the X-4 Upright, actually adjusts electronically up and down automatically for different carpet heights and bare floors. Most people ask if they are self –propelled when they first try one because they feel like it. But it is all in the engineering, it just “feels right”.

Sebo is designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials and comes standard with a 5 year warranty. All models have hospital class S Filtration and high capacity filter bags. They don’t loose suction as the bag fills because of the unique design. The easy to change bag is sealed so what goes in, stays in.

We carry a wide selection of Sebo machines.

Visit the Sebo website at www.sebo.us and download a picture of a machine you would like to order. Bring the information to the store and we will give you a $70 discount off most models.

Don’t buy online. . . Buy at Downtown Sew & Vac and save $$.

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Simplicity vacuum cleaners are made in the USA and our most popular model is the Freedom. The Freedom is simplicities 8 lb upright developed by their commercial division and made available to dealers in the 1990s.  Before the Freedom, we sold a different brand of high-end vacuums, but when given the opportunity to compare both, almost all our customers chose the Freedom.
The reason is that the Freedom has more power, a larger fan, and a more aggressive brush roll. This translates to a cleaner carpet.

Simplicity makes a full line of machines and like most brands we sell, they put their money in the machine.  By that I mean, they don’t have an inflated mark-up to cover marketing hype so you get a better value for your dollar.

Simplicity uses superior quality bearings in their brush rolls. Many of their brush rolls are metal with a protective rubber clutch pad on both ends, something you don’t see at the big box stores.

Ask about our Great Prices!
We beat the competition on most machines.

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Contact Rick at Downtown Sew & Vac for additional information
about these high quality vacuum cleaners.
Phone: 906-774-8931
E-mail: info@downtownsewvac.com
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Downtown Sew & Vac Repairs Many Brands of Vacuum Cleaners

Downtown Sew & Vac
Your Easy Living Store
224 E. Hughitt Street
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Phone: 906-774-8931
E-mail: info@downtownsewvac.com
Website: www.DowntownSewVac.com

Directions: Downtown Sew & Vac is located in downtown Iron Mountain, Michigan, 1 block east of Highway US-2 at the corner of Hughitt Street and Iron Mountain Street. There is on street parking by the store or at the free public parking lot across the street.

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